About me

m2Hello and thank you for your interest in my photography. 

My name is Jill Wright. I am the owner & photographer of Solana Images and I love to create through my lens.  I am a natural light photographer preferring to capture my images with nature as the backdrop and the sun as my source of light.  My style is inspired, editorial and soulful.

Solana Images is named after my very favorite place, where I lived in a little cottage near the ocean in Solana Beach, California. (The word ‘Solana’ means ‘sunlight’)  I recently moved back  to the PNW (after a 4.5 yr stint in the Midwest) with my long time love, Adrian, and am now planting roots in Portland, Oregon. I have lived all over the country but I always seem to be pulled back to the West!

When I’m not doing photography related activities I use my imagination in other ways.  I make mosaics, I paint a little and I love to cook. For me, a day isn’t complete without creating something.  I believe that my personal images tell a lot about ‘the girl behind the lens’.

I would love to be considered as the person you choose to capture your images.

I am available for Portraits, Senior Portraits, Children, Families, Couples/Engagements,  and Weddings in Portland, Oregon and around the world.