CJ & Cameron

CJ and Cameron are one of those cute couples that seem like they must have met just a few months before because there are the tell-tale signs of ‘new love’ between them.  I was very surprised to hear that they have actually been a couple for 4 years! cc1web

When CJ first contacted me she wanted to plan a couples session around Valentine’s Day.  She had a formal session in mind and had a very cute red dress picked out.  She laid the dress on her bed to take a photo to send to me…and then her dog found it. She sent me a text letting me know that wearing the dress was no longer an option! :-(  She said she was fine just going with a more casual theme.  It’s probably better that she didn’t wear the dress because it ended up being a very chilly day!

  cc2web cc3web

They met me at Table Rock Lake Dam visitor’s center.  I’ve done a few sessions in that area and have found some neat little spots.  I made the ‘love’ banner that morning and was happy to see that the colors matched their outfits perfectly.  I brought a couple of other little ‘props’ but they mainly wanted to just get some great portraits together to give to family.


Aren’t they adorable?




CJ is such a beautiful girl!











I posted this black and white photo on Facebook last night with the quote, “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” ― Dr. Seuss

CJ responded to the post by saying that Cameron had posted that same quote when they first started dating! Aww! :-)



I had a great time meeting both of you CJ & Cameron!  Thanks for being troopers in the chilly weather!  xo Jill


  1. by Julie Gikas on February 17, 2014  7:06 pm Reply

    Great job Jill !

    • by Jill on February 17, 2014  7:09 pm Reply

      Thank-you Julie! :-)

  2. by Adrian Hawk on February 15, 2014  3:07 pm Reply

    Looks like another awesome shoot! =)

  3. by CJ on February 15, 2014  3:06 pm Reply

    Jill your an amazing photographer! Mine and Camerons pictures turned out great, I'm very impressed! Can't wait to give my family copies. Thank you so much, you will have my business again for sure!

    • by Jill on February 15, 2014  3:12 pm Reply

      Thank-you CJ! I'm glad you love the photos! :-)

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