As many of you know, I just moved to Oregon a little over a month ago.  What some of you may not know is that I had never been here before we pulled up in our big ol’ moving truck.  I didn’t know anyone here except for two classmates who I haven’t seen since high school (a long time ago!) and my fiance, Adrian, who moved with me.  It only took me a couple of weeks to start feeling antsy and needing to shoot a session!

Without knowing anyone in the area, I turned to Craigslist.  I placed an ad looking for someone with beautiful eyes to model for me.  I had quite a few replies but ultimately chose Ashlee.  Not only was she pretty but she was also very sweet and sincere in her email to me.

I had a vision of what I wanted to do for the session and emailed Ashlee with the details.  She was pretty excited and used it as an excuse to do some shopping! 😉  I have a feeling she doesn’t usually need an excuse.  This girl can shop!


We met at the Audubon Society of Portland and went to a little area with a creek and lots of lush ferns and mossy trees.  Ashlee came very prepared with about 5-6 outfits, earrings, scarves, etc. and I brought a few tops, flowers and accessories.  We became fast friends and carried our over-load of supplies to the area where we stayed for most of the session.





At one point Ashlee stepped in the creek and was getting accustomed to the cold water.  I looked down for a second to check the settings on my camera and I was startled by Ashlee screaming,  “What is THAT?!”.  She was half laughing, too, so I got closer to see what she was looking at.  My first thought, after living in southern Missouri for the past 5 yrs, was that it was a snake.  Ashlee said, “No, it’s a water scorpion!”  Then we both laughed because as far as we know there is no such thing as a scorpion that lives in the water.  I had been to the area the day before to check it out and remembered seeing a sign that displayed the wildlife in the area.  I remembered seeing crawfish and being surprised that they were this far north.  I thought they just stuck to the southern states.  So, we are assuming (and hoping) that it was a crawfish.   I was surprised that Ashlee didn’t mind staying in the water after that!


We spent 3 hours in this one area!  There were so many neat little spots right within viewing distance of all of our items.  If Ashlee wasn’t a pro at discretely changing outfits in public, she is now!



There were  groups of kids that were coming down by where we were shooting so we decided to move to a small waterfall so they could play in that area.  I started to ask Ashlee if she wanted to get in the water next to the waterfall and before I could finish I said, “Noo, you don’t have to get in.  I’m sure it’s freezing!”  Ashlee’s face lit up and she said, “I don’t mind at all!  Anything for a good photo!”     I love this girl!  😉





Poor Ashlee was soaked!


So pretty!


I think Ashlee was happy to change into some dry, warm clothes!  We headed up the trail above the creek.  I was awe-struck by the beauty in the woods and it was nice to see that Ashlee appreciated it just as much, even after living in Oregon her whole life.






I had such a great time with you Ashlee!  Thank you for being a great, creative and easy going model!   Looking forward to working with you again!


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